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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Clear 3.0 glass for windows 7

* Clear 3.0 glass a full glass theme for windows 7

* Compatible for both x86 & x64 system aero mode only

                           " HOW TO INSTALL "

* To use this theme first install ux theme patcher as per your system requirment included in package ,to allow coustom theme
* Install theme resource changer included in the package, to change shell images & etc
* copy & past both thm file  from theme folder to c:\windows\resourses\themes
* go to personalization & set the theme
* restart system after setting theme
* after reboot double click on black glass enhanced for full glass
* enjoy.
Note :- there are two versions of this theme clear glass & darkclear glass
* free version :- included only one sample style.
* paid version A :- included two clear 3.0 glass theme
* paid version B :- included four dark clear 3.0 glass
* buy clear 3.0 glass at 2.50$ & darkclear 3.0 glass at 3.50 
* you can make payment from any card.


Buy clear 3.0 glass at 2.95 $





Buy dark clear 3.0 glass at 3.50 $






Free version




  1. ya it works....this theme is made for 7

  2. if i paid now when can i expected the zip file

    1. after payment done.....downloading will start automatically

  3. after payment done....downloading will start automaically ...& gumroad also send zip file via mail

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  5. Hey swapnil36fj, I've sent a request for assistance on 36fg FB / Gmail. If you would be so kind, I'd like a bit of help with some problems


  6. Hey swapnil36fj, can I get more screenshots for dark clear 3.0 glass may be 10 to 15 of windows explorer ,start menu,control panel,so that I can buy the theme.Thanks. my

  7. Hi swapnil36fj, Thanks a lot for the screenshots. I surely want to buy dark clear glass theme;but yesterday Gumroad gave error 'card not valid' which is the same card I use at other sites. I want to know is there any other way using net banking if you provide your bank account no;so after payment you can mail me the dark clear zip file.

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  9. Hi Swapnil,
    The theme you sent me is for windows 8/8.1. As I have paid the required amount; please send me dark clear glass 3 for windows 7 (x86). Thanks.

  10. Hi Swapnil, I have sent you the full amount as discussed. I request you to send me dcg v3 for windows 7. If not possible, please return my amount.

  11. Can you please make another payment Method like Paypal?

    1. paypal & creditcard both payment methods are accepted in gumroad

  12. I downloaded the free version and when I installed it, (my system was patched) I had the circle buttons at the top right corner as well as the default buttons there too. Is it just that way in the sample because i want to buy the dark clear glass theme.