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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eno port & soft 1.0

* Eno port & soft vs for windows 8/8.1

* Compatible for both x86 & x64 system (aero mode)

* Package included  visual styles , readme file.

* first you need to install ultra ux theme patcher as per x64 or x86 your requirement.    :-


* you can also use uxstyle for to use custome theme

* copy & past both them file  from theme folder to c:\windows\resourses\themes

* u need to use ribbon disabler app to disable  ribbon :-

* install old new explorer included in the package while installing old new explorer don't tic on
use status bar

* I use aero glass to get aero back in win 8 install proper version of aero glass as per your system requirement

* I use startIsback + for startmenue

* go to personalization set a  theme

* use start orb from start orb folder

* enjoy..........

Note :- there are two versions of this theme eno port & soft vs

* Free version :- Included  only  eno port version 

* Paid version :- Included 2 soft vs themes

you can buy paid version by clicking on belows button  u can make payment from any card   , Download starts quickly when u make payment, . buy soft vs at 2.95 $ ,respect developers by buying this theme.

Download free version by clicking on green button .

Credits : Eno Original By =lassekongo83

Eno port

Buy Soft vs at 1.95 $