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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Clear 4.0 glass White for windows 10 anniversary update 1607

* Clear 4.0 glass & Dark clear 4.0 glass theme for windows 10 (1607) aka anniversary update.

* Compatible for both x86 & x64 system (aero mode only) 

* Package included 26 visual styles  , readme file how to install image.

* In Dark cear 4,0 glass includes 10 visual styles , readme file how to install image.

* first you need to install ultra ux theme patcher or ux style as per x64 or x86 your requirement.
   i use this :-

* copy & past both theme file  from  theme folder to c:\windows\resourses\themes

* copy & past all fonts from fonts folder to c:\windows\font

* install old new explorer in old new explorer while installing don't tic on details pane but if want to use details pane than don't tic on status bg  

* I use aero glass to get aero back (install aero glass as per your requirments) 
* also i use aero glass gui tool to control aero opacity parameters :-
 For windows 10 while installing aero glass there is option don't tic on atals image & aero projection if u use a custome
    theme & this is a custome theme so don't tic on thoes option.

* go to personalization & set the theme clear glass 4.0 v1......v26..

* double click on black glass enhanced for full glass .

* enjoy..........

Buy clear 4.0 glass (white) at 3.50$


Buy clear 4.0 glass (Dark) at 2.50$


Get both clear & dark clear 4.0 glass at 5 $ 

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  1. Hi,

    on Win 10 (1607 Build 14393.693) I get random changes of the background color in many programs. Windows Explorer works all the time - the colors remain - but almost any other program can suddenly get a white background. Like Foobar music player, Windows installer, Windows Control Panel, etc.
    So far I have only noticed that it happens every time when waking from hibernation mode. But I think it also happened randomly. I give you an update if I find out more...

    1. becaz i think u choose use accent color from wallpaper read how to install& aeroglass prob :

    2. No, I've disabled accent color as instructed. Windows Explorer (File Explorer) is the only window that never gets the bug. But I've had it with Notepad, Control Panel, Foobar, and other windows. I'll make a screenshot when it happens again.

    3. I can confirm that hibernation mode is a trigger of the bug. I just tested it. Don't know if it's the only trigger.

      With bug:

      Without bug:

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. The window in the middle is Notepad.exe, and to the right Foobar music player.

    6. i think after hibernation mode dose not apply theme or some system parameters problems

  2. Windows 10 Pro X64 Os Build 14393.953 is no longer working. I installed the Dark Clear 4.0 glass theme and it looked good and all was working well although in some apps where I opened a window to open a file etc I couldn't see my selection as the highlights were invisible which was very annoying.

    My windows 10 did an update that night and low and behold the theme was destroyed. So we will need a patch for this or an update please as I tried it on my home pc and my work pc and same thing happened. The windows if not in focus look ok but as you click away they go dark with horrible black glows everywhere.

    1. Hi,

      I did pay for this and so I would like a reply and a solution as you did say in your purchase agreement that you will reply to all questions regarding any problems relating to any of these themes.

    2. I sent you an email. The problems I faced was that this clear glass theme worked perfectly till windows did an automatic update to creators update version 1703. After that update the theme completely broke.

  3. Will this work on the Creators Update? (1703) I don't want to try it out, because the last time I loaded an incompatible theme I had to reinstall Windows.
    If it doesn't work on 1703 - will it be updated?